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Friday, 2 October 2009

Get Ready For Halloween, It's Time To Make Your Home Slaughter Scene!

Halloween is 3 weeks away from now, and it's the best time to make Halloween home decoration plan! If you already bored with pumpkin lamp and skeleton, why don't you make your own slaughter house? Here are what you need now:

1.Dining room decoration
What makes perfect slaughter house than a set od bloody dining room decoration? Here designer Amy Lau prepared a set of dining table and chairs with blood splash. Were your last year Halloween party guests went home or appeared on milk carton? (link)

2.Pillar candles
Pillar candles gives you romantic atmosphere to your dinner. Make it bloody, now it gives you gruesome atmosphere to your dinner! (link)

3.Bathroom decoration
Bathroom is perfect place to slaughter your victim. It has shower curtain to cover up your victim's body, and you can clean up the scene. But... Ops I think I've forgot to clean up the bloody handprints on shower curtain and footprint on bath mat! Sorry guys, just pretend that you didn't see anything, OK? (link/link)

4.Perfect evidence
Perfect evidence makes perfect crime scene. Just add a bloody knife to your decoration, and hooray you're now ready for Halloween! (link)


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